viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

Take over someone's computer with this USB PC Prankster Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive PranksterHappy New Year to you! And may 2010 bring you good fortune, good health and a good few laughs too.

And today I'm going to help you with the third of those wishes because you will be in fits of laughter every time you plug the USB Computer Prankster Flash Drive into someone's PC or laptop.

It looks like a typical USB Flash Drive Memory Stick, but certainly doesn't act like one.

Instead it turns any computer experience into a nightmare. It will make random mouse movements, turn caps lock on and off, type out random garbage text and phrases and more!

Even better, it has a time delay setting so that you can install it, make a hasty retreat and not be the prime suspect.

It's more mischievous than malicious so it won't delete documents or cause any permanent damage.

The lazy man's cup of tea

Remote Control Golf Ball
If there's a lazy bugger in your household who won't even get up to find the TV remote control, here's the perfect gadget for them.

The Self-Stirring Mug.

That's right, the proud owner of the Lazy Mug won't even have to stir a cup of tea. Simply press the button on the handle and the mug does the stirring for you.

Powered by batteries (included so no walking to the shops), a tiny propeller inside the mug does all the hard work for you.

Build your own internal combustion engine


Build Your Own Engine Kit

According to the RAC, lack of basic car maintenance is behind half of all the breakdowns its mechanics attend. And that's because increasing numbers of us don't know how things work and that includes engines.

You can help stop the rot by buying someone the Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine Kit.

This simplified version of a real car engine is designed to be fun to put together and to make it easier for you to understand how a full-size four-stroke car engine works.

With over 100 individual parts and all the tools you need, the kit even comes with its own Haynes Manual giving you step by step instructions to guide you through the build process. All you need to provide is the time, two batteries and a little vegetable oil.

Every kid should have one.

Nintendo games on a keyring

Nintendo Donkey Kong KeyringCompared to today's multi-media uberfeast, we were positively starved of gaming entertainment in decades gone by.

So much so that in the 1980s, we were positively drooling over a certain rotund plumber with a dodgy moustache called Mario. And if we weren't zapping mushrooms with said plumber, we were pretending to be a giant monkey called Donkey Kong.

You can relive those oh so heady days of gaming nirvana wherever you happen to be thanks to the ultimate in portable gaming consoles - the new Nintendo Game Keyrings.

Styled like mini Nintendo Gameboys, each game comes on a keyring and has retractable stand on the back. Two batteries (included) are all that's needed to bring them to life.

There are three to choose from - Donkey Kong Jr, Super Mario Bros Game and Super Mario's Cement Factory Game - and they are available for £9.90 each.