viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

Nintendo games on a keyring

Nintendo Donkey Kong KeyringCompared to today's multi-media uberfeast, we were positively starved of gaming entertainment in decades gone by.

So much so that in the 1980s, we were positively drooling over a certain rotund plumber with a dodgy moustache called Mario. And if we weren't zapping mushrooms with said plumber, we were pretending to be a giant monkey called Donkey Kong.

You can relive those oh so heady days of gaming nirvana wherever you happen to be thanks to the ultimate in portable gaming consoles - the new Nintendo Game Keyrings.

Styled like mini Nintendo Gameboys, each game comes on a keyring and has retractable stand on the back. Two batteries (included) are all that's needed to bring them to life.

There are three to choose from - Donkey Kong Jr, Super Mario Bros Game and Super Mario's Cement Factory Game - and they are available for £9.90 each.

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